Who am I?

I'm Jared! I am a computer science enthusiast who has been programming for almost ten years. My main focus is on software development, however currently I am working in a system administration role doing a lot of scripting and generating reports on the state of the server environment. It is something I find myself enjoying more and more as I get more experience in system administration, and I now consider it an interest of mine.

In my spare time I enjoy programming for fun, as well as reading and listening to and playing music as a member of the Algoma University Jazz Band. Arduinos are a passion of mine, and I enjoy tinkering around with them and various pieces of hardware. If its electronic, I've probably broken or fixed it at some point.

What Have I Done?

I have many projects that I work on, be it for school, fun, or at a hackathon with friends.

One of the biggest ones is Assassins.TECH, a twist on the classic game Assassin using SMS text messaging. It was made by Kyle Farwell and I, and it won 2nd place at the THacks 2 Hackathon.

Who Are My Friends?

A few of the people who I have worked with along the way.

Kyle Farwell
Kyle is an ex-supercomputer janitor at McGill University. When he's not wasting his life away in VR, he's attempting to take over the world by writing software that doesn't suck.
Keefer Rourke
Keefer is someone I met through Kyle. We have discussed making games together with Gelato Labs, but have yet to actually do anything. We've only met in person twice, but one day we may meet again.
Mustafa is a fellow computer science student at Algoma University. He is a photographer who excels at public speaking and selling people on ideas.